19 June 2006

Say What?: 6/19/06

"Spider-Man is an unusual franchise; just when you think it's run out of sharks to jump, Marvel unveil a new aquarium."
--Paul O'Brien, Article 10, 19 June 2006

"For that matter, should Peter Parker wear any kind of a costume now? Once the world knows your true identity, what's the point of wearing a mask?"
--Jake on "Spidey's Revealing Outfit"

"Superheroes should not lie to their nearest and dearest about the most important thing in their lives. That's pathological. ...not to mention a bad example for a hero who values truth to set."
--Johanna Draper Carlson on "Why Secret Identities Are Stupid"

"The reason that Nostalgia is a bastard, my friends, is because it blinds you to simple facts like 'Steve Englehart was wonderful in his prime...but he hasn't written anything really great in quite some time, and anyway, that Detroit League? How many other suckers bought this because they were 11 when the Detroit League [debuted] and didn't know any better?'"
--Graeme MacMillan on JLA: Classified #21

"I've heard rumors of an unofficial policy in place at DC - writers are to refer to events in other books without directly saying where or when they occurred, effectively making it so that a reader will only completely 'get' the story if they've picked up other books at the time of their publication, and that sort of in-jokeyness probably appeals to a lot of the people who spend the majority of their entertainment dollar on pamphlets of spandex material."
--BeaucoupKevin in "Randomized Superhero Comic Thoughts"

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