16 June 2006

CONTEST: BOOM! Sampler Giveaway Extended

Due to light response so far -- and our continued absence from the Comic Weblog Linkatron 5000 since the move from blogspot.com -- I'm extending our BOOM! Sampler Giveaway another full week to June 23, 2006. Details at the original post, where all entries should be submitted.

Many thanks to those who've promoted the contest so far, especially to those who did so purely out of spreading the love of free comics.

"What's that, Guy? Did you say 'FREE COMICS'!?!"

"Why yes, that's exactly what I said. FREE. COMICS."
WTF, people? Get on the stick.

Jeremiah Harm #1-3
Hero Squared #1
Cthulhu Tales #1
What Were They Thinking?! Some People Never Learn #1
War of the Worlds: Second Wave #1-3