27 June 2006

Comment: Spider-Man 3 Trailer

Needless to say, I'm really psyched about this trailer. F@*% Superman Returns, we want Spidey! Great move on Marvel's part to release the trailer publicly before the movie opens.

(Fill in fanboy rant here)

While surfing the web, I saw that everyone had pictures of Sandman and Spider-Man, but it seems that many people forgot poor Harry Osborne.

Well this one's for you, Harry!


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

What is he wearing? He looks like a green Rocket Racer, or whatever that lame dude's name was.

Chris said...

I liked the trailer, then I noticed something that made me LOVE it.

It's not just a black version of the Spidey suit; the spider emblem on the black suit has the spider legs at the top bent at an angle, similar to Venom's comic look. The red Spidey suit has the normal spider.

It's that sort of attention to detail that gives me hope, despite the fact that I didn't think Spidey 2 was all that great (too slow for me).

Dan Diaz said...

Great catch on the spider emblem. I saw that as well. It's the little things.

Anonymous said...

i hear spider man 3 ROCKS. i can't wiat to see it.