11 June 2006

COMMENT: So Ashamed!

I found a cosplay woman attractive. I'm officially lost in nerddom. Help me. Someone please, take away the comics!

If you don't know what cosplay is, you are a better man than I.


Emperor Nerd said...

Your nerdly status depends on one question. Who was she cosplaying?

Omar said...


That you delineate between different cosplay characters puts you on a whole other level. I salute you... from far far away.

Emperor Nerd said...

If she was cosplaying a Jawa or a Klingon: Bad.
Ivy from Soul Calibur, or Zatanna: Good.

Omar said...

Not sure what to say, Omar looks to the left. Looks to the right. Shuffles a bit. Considers the door. It is not a sturdy door but a door nonetheless. It is a door he could lock and hide behind. Should he? Should he lock this door? Or should he open this door? Open this door to the mad sexy Ewok woman of his dreams?


Erech said...

Yes, but this isn't the real problem - the problem would be if you saw a costume you wanted to wear to a con. Then you would be mocked - mercilessly.

Some of those Leia in metal bikini chicks are pretty hot from time to time, and the chick who dressed up like the Baroness at SDCC a few years back - meow!

Share the picture, you pervert.