30 June 2006

Marketing: Sam Jackson is my Bro!

Screw Superman on MySpace, this is viral marketing done right!

Ever since I heard that Sam Jackson might be uttering the line, "There are motherf***ing snakes on the motherf***ing plane!" in a movie called Snakes on a Plane, I knew I had to see it. (Finding out Julianna Margulies is also in it certainly helped, and makes it more likely that my wife will want to see it, too!) Then I noticed in DC's solicits for September that they were releasing a comic book tie-in, with the first of two issues releasing on my birthday (see below), and figured I'd pick them up, too. And now, this video for "Someone tell Sam Jackson he's my bro" sealed the deal.

I submit!

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Gordon Purcell
Photo covers
Issue #1 Variant cover by J.G. Jones
Issue #2 Variant cover by Jerome Moore
You've heard the Internet buzz... seen the hair-raising trailer…now experience the comic of the sensational summer movie Snakes on a Plane, written by Chuck Dixon (NIGHTWING) with art by Gordon Purcell and painted covers by J.G. Jones (52) and Jerome K. Moore (JSA: LOST)!
Snakes on a Plane stars Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent assigned to escort a government witness on a flight to Los Angeles. But when a crimelord sets loose hundreds of deadly snakes during the flight, the agent must band together with the pilot, frightened crew and passengers in a desperate attempt to survive and protect his witness!
Why's it have to be snakes? Relax, they're first-class fliers. Retailers please note: Each issue will feature two covers; see order form for details.
Retrosolicited o Issue #1 on sale August 16; issue #2 on sale August 30 o 1 & 2 of 2 o 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US o MATURE READERS
Does the "Mature Readers" label mean "There are motherf***ing snakes on the motherf***ing plane!" will actually appear in the comic book? I hope so!

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