15 June 2006

LINK: Sent Forth from the Power

It usually takes me a few issues after I drop something from my pull list to lose the phantom limb feeling whenever I'm picking up my weekly stash, but in the case of 52, I miss it about as much as I miss Mo Vaughn playing for the Mets. I am still enjoying Douglas Wolk's weekly dissection of the increasingly convoluted storyline, though, and this week's entry was particularly good, in that same way I enjoy seeing an "0-4; 3 Ks" stat line for Alex Rodriguez.

Wolk breaks down Grant Morrison's Great Ten, exposing the lazy research that apparently went into conceiving them and spotlighting a great comment from an earlier entry that ripped it apart. The best line:

Is it too much to ask DC to do their homework when writing about other cultures? To talk to the Chinese-American intern in Accounting, who could maybe call her grandpa and ask real quick?

At least Devin Grayson's handling Batwoman, so there's a slim chance the character won't end up being as embarassing, assuming of course that Greg Rucka doesn't screw up her impending 52 debut in a few weeks, which, in context, is arguably a sucker's bet.

As for the rest of the issue, Wolk's page-by-page notes made me a little dizzy and confirmed that 52 is really only for the diehard DCU fan. Check out Fossen's latest 52 on 52 for a screenshot featuring Booster Gold and a couple of chalkboards headlined "Time is Broken" if you don't believe me.

Something's broken all right...


Omar said...

RE: Great Ten... Is anyone surprised by it being crap? Seriously.

I will say that they're doing a great job of making Black Adam the unsympathetic leader of non-christian nations. It's fantastic. Really. I can't wait til it spins off into "Fear of a Muslim planet".

Douglas Wolk said...

Glad you liked the post, and many thanks for the shoutout--but the line you quoted was actually from somebody who'd commented on an earlier post of mine! Don't know their real name, but they go by Little Light.

Douglas Wolk said...

Oh, wait, you noted that. Forget I said anything. Sorry. And thanks again.