13 June 2006

Omar's Random Thoughts: Wonder Woman & Metamorpho

Goddamn. Someone should write a review about Wonder Woman volume 3 number 1. That was a good read. Inner Fanboy enjoyed it very much.

That fanboy zeal, of course, makes me worried that it's totally inaccessible to a new reader. Does Wonder Woman get new readers that don't know a lot about her to begin with?


Does anyone else think it's funny that so many of us nerds were imprinted with Lynda Carter being the ideal woman? I mean, she was wearing an adult diaper.


The other day, I was standing around thinking, "Do I know enough about Metamorpho?! Do I?!" I certainly don't.

Showcase Presents: Metamorpho, Vol. 1 (Showcase Presents Metamorpho) boasts 500 pages of Metamorpho. It's time to start educating!


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Adult diaper or not, Lynda Carter remains the ideal woman!

Emperor Nerd said...

Can you ever REALLY know enough about Metamorpho? or Haunted Tank for that matter?

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Speaking of Wonder Woman, check this out.