05 June 2006

HYPE: Elk's Run Hits the Big Time

First the Harvey Awards, now this:

Villard Acquires Rights to Elk's Run

New York, NY - June 5, 2006 - Villard, a division of the Random House Publishing Group, announced today that it will be publishing Elk's Run by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon. The graphic novel will collect the complete eight-issue comic book series, and will give readers their first opportunity to finally read the story all the way through to its explosive conclusion.
I believe that's what you call a "Fuck, yeah!" moment, yes?

Congrats to Joshua, Noel and the rest of the Elk's Run crew.


myk said...

I believe this is what they call a "Fuck that I bought the trade of the first three issues" moment. Still, this IS good news, yes it is...

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

LOL! Yeah, that does suck a bit.

Sadly, it seems to be an increasingly common occurrence with indies that will likely have more people waiting for the trade, figuring if a comic is really worth reading, it will eventually find a publisher capable of delivering the whole story. Certainly the direction I'm leaning in these days.

Erech said...

Ooh awesome.

Jason said...

Let me be the first of the ER crew to thank you for the continued support, Guy. You've been with us since the first issue - making sure people read this book.

Fialkov said...

I'll be the second.

Thanks for all the love and support.

And to the "Fuck that I bought the trade of the first issues" comment. It does totally and utterly suck. We argued and fought about what to do to rectify it and make good on our fans.

Unfortunately, all I can say is that a) you'll never have to by anything else with the Elk's Run name, other than the eventual Beer Cozy, Toilet Paper Cover, and the dual headed 'pleasure wand,' to fully experience the story. b) The book is, hopefully, going to be LOADED with extras.

We love everyone of you guys who supported us, and like I said, as we stand today, making good on getting the rest of the book out and in your hands is the best we can do.

Greg said...

This is very cool news, even though I also bought the "bumper" edition. I don't mean to be snotty, but does this mean it will actually come out now? I've been jonesing for an issue for a while now.

Noel said...

Thanks to all and I hope we passed the audition.

myk said...

Well, if they do it like Fantagraphics / Pantheon did with the complete "Epileptic" - where the complete Hardcover cost as much as the second part from Fantagraphics (softcover) would have cost - I´m´cool with that.

ps. hint, hint