21 September 2006

Feels Like It's Been Forever...

There are currently 758 new posts in my "Comics" folder on Bloglines, and 202 new emails in my Gmail inbox.

I am once again three weeks behind on picking up my weekly haul from Midtown Comics, the second time that's happened in the past six weeks.

I haven't been online for personal reasons (other than a couple of times for fantasy football) for more than 10 minutes at any given time in the past three weeks.

Except for yesterday, when I had no choice, I haven't made it home from work before 7:30pm in the past two weeks.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Madden 2007, Grey's Anatomy and a stack of unread graphic novels are the closest I get to an escape these days.

No idea when I'll be back in the loop, but if I owe you an email, especially related to PopCultureShock, you have my sincerest apologies. Speaking of PCS, in case you're wondering: yes, the redesign finally happened; no, I'm no longer the Senior Comics Editor; yes, everything's cool and I hope to contribute occasional content when life settles down again; no, I have no idea what the status is of most of the other contributorswho have disappeared since the redesign.

16 September 2006

Say What?: Joe Q. & The Thunderbolts

NRAMA: If you had one takeback, and no reasons needed to explain your action, and could reach back in time and adjust/tweak/correct/remove one project, what would it be?

JQ: The Thunderbolts revamp. No offense to the creators, it was just a bad internal decision to try to revamp the title.

Newsarama: Joe Fridays Week 13


05 September 2006

Stay Tuned...

Make Yours Here.

So, yeah, Dan and Omar really came through with the content during my break, huh? Dorks!

Life at Casa de Gonzalez will hopefully be settling down over the next month or so -- both the Mrs. and I are in the midst of long-overdue career changes; plus, both kids are heading back to school and the always fun issue of after-school care -- so I should be able to hit the books and start blogging again with a renewed sense of purpose that only a few weeks away from the blogiverse can give you. I've read a lot of surprisingly good stuff recently, though, the majority of which doesn't tie in to Infinite Civil War, but even a few of those that did were pretty good, too!

I've got a ton of reviews to crank out over the next few weeks, all good stuff that you should read, including Stagger Lee; Bluesman Vols. 1-3; Fables Vols. 1-3; Little White Mouse Omnibus; Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain; Justice League of America #1; Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #2 (Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard?!?!); Heroes for Hire #1; X-Factor #10; Batman and the Mad Monk #1; The Incredible Hulk #97; Blue Beetle #6; Green Lantern Corps #3; and Daredevil #88.

Stay tuned...

PS: Thanks to Fossen for pointing me towards the seal.