29 June 2006

INFO: Categories, Advertising and Blog Watch

The revamp continues here at CBC, with the soothing sounds of construction reverberating throughout the site as I continue my efforts to expand this here blog into a micro-portal of sorts, for the discerning comics fan and casual reader alike.

1) del.icio.us category tagging is now up-to-date through yesterday's posts, and includes everything from general categories -- Reviews, Commentary, posts by Dan -- to specific columns -- On the Shelves, ménage à trois, Uncanny O-Man -- to hyper-specific topics -- Batman, Speakeasy, Vs. TCG. Click on any of them, or check out the master list and see what other cateogories I came up with!

2) Part of the reason for revamping the blog was to maximize the potential for actually making some money for all of the writing I do here, at least enough to cover the hosting costs and buy a trade paperback or two from Amazon! I'm using a combination of Google, Amazon, and Commission Junction right now, but by the beginning of next year, assuming traffic gets to a point where it's worth somebody's while to do so, I'm considering offering ad space to quality indie publishers.

3) Who's watching the bloggers? Anybody can now via Blog Watch, our combination blogroll and link-blogging page that I soft-launched last night while working some of the final bugs out. "The Watchtower", via Google Reader, is updated on-the-fly as the blogs I'm monitoring are updated, while the "Say What?" section is a best of selection from my link-blogging "Say What?" roundups. There's also the "Blogs of Note" blogroll, featuring a select group of must-read blogs that I'll update a few times a year as I come across new (to me) blogs. "The Watchtower" tracks those and a ton more, so you'll want to click over there anytime you check in here to see who else is talking about comics.

4) Finally, because I can get really geeky and anal when I get fixated on something, I even created custom error pages for 401, 403, 404 and 500 errors!


Chuck said...

The MileHigh comics associate program is another fine way to make a few dollars from your web site/blog.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I noticed that on your site but haven't gotten around to looking into it. Thanks for the tip.

Erech said...

Once you get off the shit blogger comment system, then we celebrate. Until then, no No-prize for you.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

It has its quirks, but it's free and, for the most part, does what I need it to do. For now, at least. Integrated tagging would be nice, but I figure Google will just buy del.icio.us at some point.

I also shudder at the thought of converting everything over to a new system. Conversions always seem to have something go wrong with them.

Didn't you switch backends at some point?

Erech said...

Yeah, I dumped blogger totally what, last September? It was pretty easy to do for the most part, and I know wordpress will import all the old posts/comments from blogger too.

Just a matter of setting it up.

I only bitched because it was down the last 2-3 days I tried to comment on stuff. I have no patience.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

That's one major gripe I have with Blogger, the random and frequent outages, especially the half-ass ones that'll, say, let you post but not upload pictures.

I am going to check out WordPress and some other options sometime down the road, but I have this weird loyalty issue for the most random things and Blogger *sniff* is where it all started for me. :-)