11 June 2006

COMMENT: Where It's At!



Head down to your local 7-Eleven for some Superhero Slurpee action! To my surprise last Friday I found these plastic heros at my local 7-Eleven. They have 3 different regular 32oz. cups available, and an "S" Shield cup. I also found some leftover X-Men cups, and picked up one featuring Wolverine / Angel. Looks like the X-Men got ripped off with their promotion, getting only a 22oz. Slurpee. 7-Eleven has two flavors to tie in with Superman Returns: Kryptonite Ice and Arctic Blast.

In my effort to find a good picture of the Superman Collector cups, I ran across this coupon that should please you. I thought it was a hoax, but according to Superman Homepage, it's legit.

Enjoy your Slurpee, because it may be the best thing that comes out of Superman Returns...the movie being included!

Edit: I just realized this but on the X-Men cup, Angel is leather-clad in an X-Men uniform. I guess they'll do anything for a promo. Unless there are deleted scenes...?

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