14 January 2006

LINK: Batgirl Meme

All the cool kids are doing it! The ones that can draw, at least. :-)

A few of my favorites:

By Dean Trippe

By Barbara Babs

By 蟲ノ子

And Tania Del Rio's, which is too big to show here.

There's a shitload more here, in what has to be considered one of the best memes ever! Most of the ones I've looked at went with Barbara Gordon, but if could draw, I would have gone with Cassandra Cain.

EDIT: Last one!

By Prince Amanda

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Erech said...

Shit, I wasn't really online this weekend and I gave back the Wacom today - that's really cool though.

I almost did the Illustration Friday thing the other day, when the theme was ahem "E is for...".

We all know what E is for, baby ;)