09 January 2006

Buzzscope Reviews...?

No date in the subject because there are no reviews this week! The Roundup format is going into the shop for a bit while we rethink our approach to reviews. Back when they represented a significant percentage of our content, I felt it was important to have a Roundup every week, even if it meant I had to crank out extra reviews myself just to make it worth running. Same thing's been happening since the switch to capsule reviews, though, making my Sunday nights suck ass as I'd often be up until 2am pulling it all together.

As I've amped up our columns and features, though, I think we're now less dependent on reviews for traffic, and the fact of the matter is most people were only checking them out for the previews that went with them anyway. No previews, or low-profile indies, usually means low traffic. Which can be discouraging, to say the least.

Ideally, I'd like to tap a single voice for a monthly review column. Three, actually, covering Marvel, DC and Indies. I'd likely take the latter on myself, but I've got my eye out for a couple of bloggers with a good grasp of the Big Two's respective slates who can handle the monthly grind of a regularly scheduled column. I wish the Shrew was still around, because she'd be my first choice to take on the DCU. Referrals (or queries) are welcome, BTW.

No reviews doesn't mean nothing to see, though, as Ronée's latest column is, hands down, the best work she's ever done. Following up on her column from two weeks ago, about an alleged sexual assault, she interviews three notable female creators about their own experiences in the industry. Heady stuff. Kudos to all involved for stepping up and speaking out.

Also, debuting later this week are two of our newest columns:

  • OEMED! - Creator-to-creator interviews, by Michael Avon Oeming
  • The Hive - A collaborative brainstorming project to create new markets for comics, by Jason Rodriguez

Bookmark (and link to) the Comics page, and check back often.

1 comment:

Jason Martin said...

I like the idea of a monthly review, broken into those 3 categories.

Personally, I check out reviews, but I prefer those with a high level assessment, because I don't necessarily have the time or inclination to read the full thing, but I like to see how books stack up with others.