02 January 2006

COMMENT: Newsarama Interview with JQ, Part II

Last week I posted the following portion of an interview Newsarama did with Joe Quesada.

"NRAMA: "When do the events in Spider-Man: The Other, Secret War, and House of M happen in relation to one another?"

JQ: Actually, we have this listed somewhere but it's now 3:45AM and I can't think straight. Not copping out on you but lets get back to this question next week and I'll have the info handy."
I was curious to see if JQ would answer the question the following week, or if he would duck it completely. More importantly though, would Newsarama ask it again? The newest edition of Joe Fridays has been posted for a few days now, and there's no sign of an answer.

So, this is the payoff for readers. We're bombarded by the hype machine JQ is running with the column, and he can't answer one simple question. Shame on Newsarama for not following up. If it was important enough 2 weeks ago to ask about it, why not now?

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MichaelChauvet said...

I'm normally not a bit continuity watcher, but these are three of the 'biggest' events in recent memory. To be unable to answer the question is bad. To be unwiling to answer is worse.