22 January 2006

Comics Took A Back Seat This Week

It was a rough weekend here at stately Gonzalez Manor, between a nasty virus laying the kids low and our respective exhaustion meters hitting their red lines, coupled with my 9-to-5 making it impossible to stay on top of my four-color fixation most of the week. Days like this are what escapist entertainment were made for. If only I could stay awake long enough to escape! As a result, not much posting here, including my missing my first Vs. Card of the Week entry. :-(

Anyway, in case you haven't gotten into the habit of checking Buzzscope every day yet (why the hell not?), here's some of what you may have missed:

  • Ronée continued her controversial look at sexual harrassment in the comics industry, including a clarification of her original column and a personal revelation of her own that offers a bit of perspective.
  • The second of two new columns that fell into my lap a few weeks back debuted, as Fangirl Rampage continued our mission of carving out a niche for the underrepresented fans in the comics world. Lauren Perry interviews fangirls about what they like and don't like about comics, as opposed to the usual agenda-driven broad strokes of most pundits.
  • Neil Kleid's latest Take That!, "INFINITE PATIENCE: The Blog of Alexander Luthor" is, by far, the funniest one he's done. Ever. Certainly more creative than Infinite Crisis #4.
  • Plus, I snuck in a quick interview with Tania Del Rio about her upcoming Spider-Man/Araña one-shot.

There's a lot more - including a bunch of new previews and the steady, productive buzz from The Hive - so click on over to the main comics page and get caught up, then hit the forums and get in on some discussions. I'll be back in there just as soon as I get caught up in the real world.

PS: Jim Salicrup's "Addicted to Comics" returns this week.

PPS: It hasn't been announced officially, yet, but two of the panels I pitched to NY Comic-Con were accepted, and are tentatively slated for Sunday, back-to-back from 2-4pm. One on all ages comics, the other an indie roundtable.

PPPS: Come on, Panthers! A Pittsburgh/Carolina Super Bowl could mean the XFL will rise again! If Tommy Maddox and He Hate Me both make the Really Big Game at the End, that's the marketing hook they need to make a comeback. Please?

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