02 January 2006

Buzzscope No Mo--?

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry… but Batman always has a back-up plan!

My latest Establishing Shots is up, wherein I pull a Quesada, explaining what happened to the big January 2, 2006 surprise. I also announce three of our newest columnists, one of whom hasn't been announced anywhere else yet.

Meanwhile, Ronée Garcia Bourgeois is out to ruffle feathers, again, with her latest What A Girl Wants: "Ten Ways To Get the Bitches to Read Your Comics."

Yeah, 2006 is off to a great start!

Be sure to check out the tweaked Comics section, too, which now makes it a bit easier to find more of our comics content in one place, including our newest previews and impressive array of columnists. Baby steps, my friends; baby steps.

Happy new year!

1 comment:

James Meeley said...

That was a great piece by Ronee. The best laugh I'd had all day. I hope she doesn't mind me plugging it at my blog.

After all, I don't want her to think I'm picking on her. ;)