19 September 2005

More later, perhaps...

The Baltimore Comic-Con was mostly worth the last-minute trip. Well, as worth it as a day that starts with me on roller blades for the first time in 5+ years at 7am could possibly be. Put a few faces to names, including AdHouse's Chris Pitzer (who comped me a copy of Hope Larson's attractive Salamander Dream, with custom rounded corners!) and Buzzscope's Yang to my Yin, J.D. Lombardi. Of course, I once again took no pictures because I suck at that kind of thing. In lieu of that, however, I offer People's Evidence A in the case of: "If I love your comic book, I'll pimp the hell out of it."

Those are my kids yesterday at the Bronx Zoo, representing for the much-loved Bumperboy. My wife was wearing the NYC Mech t-shirt I got her at the Con the day before, where I was wearing my "i HAVE iSSUES" t-shirt from Riot!. At the Con, I was sporting my "borp" t-shirt. (If you don't know what "borp" means, your life is incomplete.)

In related news, there's been a shift in my Top 10 for 2005, with the sporadic Mu being displaced by NYC Mech: Beta Love, the intriguing mini-series that features possibly the best single issue of the year. Word at the Con is there's big things coming from Ivan Brandon, Miles Gunter and Andy MacDonald in 2006. Be sure to check out the trade of the first NYC Mech mini-series due out in a few weeks.

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