01 September 2005

Moon Knight: The Bottom

"Moon Knight: The Bottom is violent. Period. It's a Moon Knight story based in the Doug Moench continuity and while Marc Spector, as Moon Knight didn't really kill people, it seemed like everybody died. Until they started getting resurrected in Marc Spector: Moon Knight, every bad guy that he faced off with ended up getting blown up or killing themselves or being killed by somebody else. Usually, it was tragically, or in a very dark and ironic manner; it was grim stuff. And Marc Spector is a killer. Period. End of story. He was a man who was paid money to kill people. And all of the rationalization he may have had about having always fought on the good side and not killing innocent people, he went into foreign countries and accepted cash money payments to go out and kill people. So, you know, yeah, it's dark and it's violent..."

-- Charlie Huston, Writer, Moon Knight: The Bottom

NOTE: David Finch artwork from Wizard #168, via Moon Knight: The Yahoo! Group


Erech said...

Wow, I don't have that image at all.

Your interview got me going for this too. Should be fun.

Erech said...

Hm, that should have said "I don't HATE that image at all"..

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Ah! I was thinking you were some closet Moon Knight fan with a hard drive full of scans.

And yeah, I was surprised by it myself. I don't LOVE it, but I definitely don't HATE it, and that's a lot considering I'm not a big Finch fan.