23 September 2005

INFO: Free Manga; Marvel Misstep


There are two ways to get Takuhai—in print and online—and each one has its own cool stories and articles.

Your Takuhai Online account lets you vote for your favorite manga on the Web—plus, it gives you access to all the great feature stories, all the manga previews and all the how-to articles.

Your subscription to the Takuhai print edition gets you a magazine delivered to your home via U.S. Mail. It's not available on newsstands! Every issue of the FREE Takuhai print edition will be packed with pages and pages of manga previews, behind-the-scenes with manga creators, Q&As with your favorite manga editors, and many more irresistible features.

Visit My Account to create an online account and subscribe to the Takuhai print edition. Make sure you get both!

NOTE: Subscription to the Magazine is available only to residents of the continental United States who are at least 13 years old. (Get your parents to sign up!)
This is actually a pretty cool deal - I received the first issue a while back - and incredibly smart marketing on TokyoPop's part. ie: I don't know a thing about manga, but as I've started to experiment with it, I'm more likely to try out one of their titles because of these free previews than something from Viz or CMX or whomever.

Over in Bizarro World, Marvel has announced a new Marvel Spotlight starting in December, with "in-depth extras and timely features – including sketches, character designs and script materials! Probing interviews and engaging commentary!" Of course they're blowing the opportunity to reach out to potential new readers by charging $2.99 for it. One step forward, two steps back.