26 September 2005

Buzzscope Reviews: 9/21/05

...and a couple of other things below, including a "big" announcement.

  • ShadowHawk #5
    Recommending this as a jump-on point, which under normal circumstances it would be perfect as, comes with a huge caveat because of the upcoming changes that will supposedly represent "a complete 180."

  • In the Scope: Beckett’s New Image Examined
    Jeff Amano and Gabriel Benson reflect on the past and offer a peek into the future, including a sneak peek at the cover of their first new release for 2006.

The Comics Shrew once noted that I make a "habit of trying to herd cats," in reference to my Industry Buzz column over at Buzzscope. Not content with that monthly juggling of multiple personalities, as of October 1st, I'll be taking over as the Senior Comics Editor for the site, charged with re[de]fining its mission, clarifying its vision and, ultimately, expanding its audience. I'll be joined by Ronée Garcia Bourgeois as Comics News Editor, and J.D. Lombardi who is stepping up as Comics Editor-At-Large. Plus, expect some new names to soon join the likes of the aforementioned Shrew, Greg Burgas, Neil Kleid, Tim O'Neil and others.

It's a great site with a lot of untapped potential, and I'm looking forward to making it a primary destination for comics fans of all stripes. There's some big plans in store, including something big for January 2, 2006. Be sure to check in on Saturday for my inaugural column that'll set things in motion and tease some of our plans. We're aiming right at Brady and Weiland's chunk of the internet! ;-)