15 September 2005

INFO: The Losers go Hollywood

One of my favorite comics - check the Top 10 over in the left column - is coming to a movie screen near you! (via Andy Diggle, via Variety)

'The Losers' wins its way to WB
Berg to pen screenplay, co-produce


DC comic 'The Losers,' about a rogue CIA unit, will get a shot at the bigscreen.

A double-crossed CIA black ops team known as "The Losers" is the latest DC Comics property to be tapped for the bigscreen by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Peter Berg and Akiva Goldsman will produce the pic for the studio, with Berg to pen the screenplay with an eye to direct. Also taking producing credit are John Cameron and Sarah Aubrey for Berg's Film 44, and Kerry Foster for Goldsman's Weed Road.

Film will follow the exploits of the highly skilled CIA team members as they are attacked by their own agency and left for dead. They set out to learn why they were betrayed, and to avenge the wrong, as well as other injustices they encounter.
Berg showed a cynical sense of humor with The Rundown and Very Bad Things that I think will be a perfect fit for The Losers. If only he can figure out a way to cast Christopher Walken, perhaps as Max?

If you haven't been reading The Losers, catch up on the trades now: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3. Vol. 4 is out either in November or next January, depending on where you're getting your information from. The monthly series itself concludes with issue #32, which if it remains on schedule, should be out in February, I believe.

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I'd cast it this way:

CLAY: Benjamin Bratt
AISHA: Eva Mendes
JENSEN: Spike Jonze
POOCH: Ice Cube
COUGAR: Benicio Del Toro
ROQUE: Kevin Bacon
STEGLER: John Rhys-Davies
MAX: Christopher Walken