06 September 2005

Buzzscope Reviews: 8/31/05

A light week of reviews, both for Buzzscope and CBC Quickees, as reality pushed comic books back into the realm of non-judgemental escapism, and my critical abilities were shot after one review. Besides Johnny Raygun, other highlights of the week were: Amelia Rules #14 (officially joining Bumperboy as one of my favorite, truly all-ages comics), Powers #12 (saved from the axe after stagnating a bit), The Expatriate #3 ("WTF?" done right), and The Grimoire #5 (consistently fantastical fun). Oddly, after three false starts, the much-acclaimed Rocketo #1 sinks further into my to-read pile.

Johnny Raygun #6
A satisfyingly straightforward, subtly satirical spin on the superheroing set that, like the best Pixar movies, is suitable for all ages without being condescending or dumbed-down.

Hug your loved ones.

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