25 January 2007

Vs. TCG 2007 Preview

Last week Guy and I played our first Vs. game in months, so the following announcement came out at great time. Over at Metagame, they have an article previewing the Vs. System Product Line-up for 2007. Before last week's game, it had been awhile since I wanted to play, my enthusiasm had been quelled due to the lack of interest in the expansion sets released over the past year.

Four expansion sets released, and four misses for my taste. X-Men, Infinite Crisis, Heralds of Galactus, and Legion of Superheroes registered a Zero on the excitement scale for me. I have to admit, I did spend some time and money on Infinite Crisis, but it was short-lived.

Things are looking up for 2007, though. Vs. is going back to its roots and hitting the big guns at Marvel and DC. Not only are old rosters being updated, but so are their game mechanics. Get ready to dust off some old decks and make room for new ones! We are looking at updates for Spider-Friends, Gotham Knights, Fantastic Four, Team Superman and many others. Also, some new rosters will make their first splash in 2007, including The Defenders and Birds of Prey.

It's still early and not all the details are out, but make no mistake I'm betting the guys at Upper Deck have some more surprises up their sleeves. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the Hellboy Essential Collection that's due to hit the streets any day now.

So, if you haven't gotten into Vs. yet, now is your chance. In fact, you have all year to choose a set to jump in with, so just go ahead and do it.

If that doesn't get you ready to play Vs., maybe this sweet preview card will:

Go to Metagame to get all the details on the latest version of Spider-Man.

Also don't forget to check out the Marvel Team-Up Sneak Preview in 2 weeks: February 10th - 11th, shops across the nation will be holding tournaments. Log on to Upper Deck for store locations and a look at the free giveaways. I have to say, that's a nice playmat.

Til Next Time..

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

It's odd that Spider-Man doesn't have a dual affiliation with the Avengers. Of course, there will probably be a couple of other versions of him, including the black suit, I'd think.

I'm really looking forward to Gotham Knights and Arkham Inmates getting real updates. My original deck was rendered practically unplayable after the Avengers came out, and while I like my JSA deck, part of my enthusiasm for the game came from playing with the Bat-family.

Also be interesting to see how the Hellboy set does, and whether it brings any new players to the game.