11 January 2007

On the Web: Zombies on a Plane

I'm going to be very disappointed if someone, at some point in this story, doesn't say, "I am sick and tired of these muthaf**kin' zombies on this muthaf**kin' plane!"

Flight of the Living Dead

(Flight of the Living Dead, via murdershow.net)

I've only recently started to dabble in webcomics and Flight of the Living Dead looks like the first one that will keep me coming back on a regular basis. (If it had an RSS feed, I'd track it in the Watchtower. Hint...) Scott Ewen's taken a can't-miss premise and, on a weekly schedule, is planning to roll out what looks like it will be an entertaining yarn. The first hour (8 pages) is mostly setup, briskly paced, as passengers are introduced and Patient Zero shows the first sign of infection, having been attacked by a "homeless man" on the way to the airport. The second hour just started this week, so I'm looking forward to another 47 weeks of fun, which means it should wrap up right before Civil War.

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Here's the RSS feed for serializer.net webcomics:


It does include *all* comics on serializer, not just the one.

Hope that helps!

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I noticed that after I posted and added it to the Watchtower. I still wish there was a direct feed, but I get why it's grouped together. Maybe I'll discover something new while following this one!