21 January 2007

Chat Review: Batman: Year One Hundred

Batman: Year One Hundred
By Paul Pope
DC Comics, 2007; $19.99

(via Gmail Chat)

me: BTW I was kind of disappointed w/ Batman 100

Guy: yeah?

me: It was like having a tasty cupcake, It was good, but doesn't have a lasting appeal
the ending sucked, and left a lot of questions

Guy: i can see that. definitely a bit of style over substance kind of thing.
i like his style, though. good character bits here and there.

me: is he setting up a sequel?
style wise was great. the story was good too, but it left too many loose ends for my tastes.

Guy: not that i've heard. probably depend on how well the tpb sells. it wasn't a huge hit or anything when it first came out. just solid.

me: it felt more like an ongoing story arc, than a miniseries.

Guy: considering his indie cred, even beyond comics, i could see a sequel being part of DC's plan to expand beyond the direct market.

me: Dan Diaz gives Batman 100 2 outta 5 batarangs

Guy: ouch! 2 not even 2.5?

me: Don't push me man! It's 2 batarangs.

Guy: LOL!

me: 2.5 if my expectations were low, but this was supposed to be great.

Guy: gotcha. out of 4 or 5?

me: 2 out of 5
this should be a post

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I would have been more sarcastic about DC's "plans" if I'd have known this was going to be a post. One of these days we need to finally get to your podcast idea. Pardon the Interruption, comic book edition -- coming soon!