26 January 2007

Blogaround Challenge 2007 Update

...and the Massive Archaia, Viper & Spider-Man Giveaway!

3 Prize Packs, 33 comic books...FREE SHIPPING!!!

On your own blog, in a post titled "Blogaround Challenge 2007", write a brief review of three blogs that are not currently on your personal blogroll. Mine the blogrolls of your favorite blogs, Google's Blog Search, the Watchtower, or the all-new Comics Weblog Update; discover (or re-discover) three blogs that have piqued your interest, and briefly review them. In that post, also link back to the original Giveaway post, and then leave me a comment with the link back to your post so I can compile them all in a future post that will announce the three "winners" of the Massive Giveaway.

Pretty simple, yes? It's FREE COMICS, people! Get on the stick.

[NOTE: Due to light response so far, I'm going to extend the giveaway another week, to February 4th. ]