13 January 2007

Spider-Man 3: Here's Venom!

Yesterday Superhero Hype posted a link to Medicom Toy Corporation's release of Spider-Man 3 12-inch action figures. The web site, Sideshow Collectibles, had posted galleries of Spider-Man, Black-Suited Spider-Man, and Venom.

If you follow this **Spoiler** link **Spoiler** you will find clear shots of Venom in his movie incarnation.

To quote a co-worker of mine, "Venom looks badass!"

Click on the image for the big reveal!

Nuff Said!

[Update]: Sideshow Collectibles has taken down the gallery featuring Medicom's Spider-Man 3 figures. Use this **Spoiler** link **Spoiler** to reach Empire Online's article, that only features Venom.

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