11 July 2006

Say What?: Battle of the Sex(ists)es

"My career really didn't begin until I started working on books that I helped create. Vertigo is probably the only publisher today that wouldn't have laughed me out of their offices for pitching them a fully painted hardcover novel for 'mature readers' about the Iraq war... starring talking lions."
--Brian K. Vaughan, Graphic Attack: Vertigo Raises the Bar (Again) (via Blog@Newsarama)

"I always get the impression these articles assume that the baseline for comics is violent, costumed soap opera and these bizarre aberrations exist to fool the rib so we boys can continue to high-five each other and grunt approval to the latest peregrinations of Form-Fitting Bodysuit Man."
--Tom Spurgeon, Feature Articles I Hate, Episode Nine

"DC as much as I like you...its [sic] one thing to beat a dead horse but what your [sic] doing is called necrophilia.........so stand away from the horse!"

"What is most likely is that she will be 'punished' in some way by being permanently separated from her child -- for having the 'nerve' to be a 'madonna' when she's really a 'whore.' Similarly, what is most likely is that Holly will eventually end up mutilated & killed in some pseudo-sexual (or plainly sexual) way, leaving Selina to become consumed by guilt and feel doubly cursed as a maternal figure."
--Valerie D'Orazio, I Don't Believe Catwoman Can Remain Happy

"The moral of the story is that comic book women don't have to be individuals. They don't need to have personality or characterisation reflected in consistent design. They just have to be HAWT. Greg, shape up or ship out. If you're a good artist, then do better. If you're a bad artist, get another fucking job."
--Karen Healey, His Stylus is Just So BIG.

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