14 July 2006

PANEL: Iron West

Iron West
By Doug TenNapel
July 2006, Image Comics


Chris said...

You know, after you commented over on 2GBC about the fact that you bought this instead of any of the choices I had, I seriously considered getting it, mainly because I realized that this was the dude responsible for the Catscratch cartoon my kids and I thoroughly enjoy.

I checked back today, and my LCS sold out of the 2 copies they ordered.


So, how is it?

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Not familiar with Catscratch, but Iron West was a hoot. Same manic, anything goes energy Pirates of the Caribbean has (which I just saw today; loved it!); TenNapel spins an entertaining yarn with some great characters, a whacked out plot and clean, distinctive artwork. Amazon has it for cheap if your LCBS doesn't restock.