19 July 2006

POLL: Robin, The Boy or Man Wonder?

You Decide!!

Robin, from Robin #151

Robin, from Teen Titans #37

Robin, from Batman #654


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I like Freddie E. Williams II's version of Robin the best. Looks his age, which OYL, I believe, is 17-18 years old. Tony Daniel draws him like he thinks Dick Grayson is still Robin.

Of course, Batman has the final word: "It's all right, boy."

oscar said...

i am loving the direction that DC is going with tim drake and how the character/writers has elevated the mantle of robin

notice the steady morph to the kingdom come 'red robin'?

Emperor Nerd said...

It's not just Robin. A ton of characters are slowly becoming the Kingdom Come versions of themselves. Is it an editorial decision, or just fans that adore the book becoming creators?