17 July 2006

LINK: Raising the Bar for Comics Journalism

Heidi MacDonald -- of the recently relocated The Beat, and defender of all that is righteous in the comics world -- proves that, with great power comes great responsibility, using the high-profile visibility of her new Publisher's Weekly platform to...well, to dish dirt.

Dept. of Scandal I
A while ago we told you about budding filmmaker Matt Busch reporting on his LiveJournal about a nasty breakup with his girlfriend, actress Sarah Wilkinson, with writer Steve Niles as the third party. We're not going to rehash all the story because it's just ugly stuff that should have been kept private, but in the interests of fairness, the other shoe has dropped, and Wilkinson tells her story.
Guess she hasn't known any of the parties involved since they were 15 years old?

Weak. Sauce.


Erech said...

instigator ;)

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Que? C'est moi?

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