28 February 2006

LINK: Speakeasy Shuts Its Doors

My article is now up on PopCultureShock, a recap of recent Speakeasy-related posts here mixed with some great feedback from a few more Speakeasy creators affected by the collapse.

Speakeasy Shuts Its Doors: A Cautionary Tale
Several creators still in the dark about their fates

It's been less than 90 days since we first reported on fledgling publisher Speakeasy Comics' making waves with their announcement of a stricter policy regarding minimum thresholds for comic books they distribute, and since then, those waves have claimed several victims, but none bigger than Speakeasy Comics itself.
I was up until 3am pulling this together and am running on fumes now, still trying to catch up on sleep from the Con this weekend. As a result of this story breaking last night, I'm also another day behind on pulling together our Con coverage!


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