06 February 2006

LINK: NY Comic-Con Update

Things are starting to come together rather quickly for the New York Comic-Con...a mere 19 days away!?!?! The above image is the flyer Jon designed, which we'll be distributing at the Con, and possibly some other places. It's worth $2 off the cover price so make sure to track one down! And feel free to spread the word, as I want to get Ivan and Andy a nice turnout, and get NYC Mech on some more radars, especially locally.

Also, bookmark http://www.buzzscope.com/nycon for updates on booth appearances and panel discussions.

In other news, I'm still swamped by real world activities, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. Not sure how far off it is, though, so my online activity will continue to be rather sporadic. As always, I'm not ignoring you. In most cases, at least.

In semi-related news, I had an interesting meeting on Friday which, if things end up the way I'm hoping they do, could change things forever!

No, seriously. ;-)

Cross your fingers!


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Shane Bailey said...

Crossed as well.

Sad to say I can't make it to New York for the Con this year. I'll be at Megacon in Orlando instead as it's just a tad bit closer to Jacksonville. From what I've heard the Con will be a blast though. Good luck.