17 February 2006

INFO: Have You Ordered BOTS Yet?

I just ordered my copy of BOTS, the sketchbook benefitting the Autism Society of America that I mentioned a while back. Nicola Carcieri, the comics writer who organized the project, did an amazing job, pulling together 90 different artists to contribute artwork! The list of contributors is impressive by any measure, and I was happy to do my small part by buying a full-page ad on behalf of PopCultureShock to help support it.

I totally dropped the ball on providing coverage for it, though, and am scrambling this weekend to get a piece finished and posted before it debuts next weekend at MegaCon. Bad pseudo-journalist!

I also just rectified another oversight, placing my order for three (3) copies not more than 5 minutes ago! One is for myself, and the other two I'll be giving away at our After-Party next Saturday night. (Assuming they arrive in time.) Just one more reason to come hang with us after the Con.

If you haven't already ordered your copy, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so now. (scroll down at the link)

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