23 February 2006

Comment: Guess Who?

If this doesn't get you off your seat, you're not a fan! When Superhero Hype broke this image earlier today, the hearts of fanboys everywhere skipped a beat. Now let the flood of debate begin!

While surfing the net, I came upon a comment by Quint from Aint It Cool News. He mentions that there appears to be an image in Spider-Man's eyepiece. Well after of few minutes of tooling around with Photoshop, just follow this link and see for yourself. I don't want to comment as to what I think there is or isn't, but it's pretty clear to me.

Don't forget to stop by the NY Comic-Con if you're in the area. I'll be stopping in on Sunday to sit in (as an audience member) on Guy's panel, and signing autographs for a nominal fee.

Till next time...


Scott said...

The twisting of the image makes it look like something it's not. Look at this one I made. It's pretty obvious it's just a reflection of the city. :P

SMASHER said...

Call me crazy but wouldn't it be cool if Harry Osbourne wound up being Ve...*ahem*, the character who may or may not be in the reflection of the movie poster, instead of reclaiming his pop's costume. I mean no one hates Spidey more than him and after two movies of build up it'd be hard to match that animosity in say an Eddie Brock. Just a thought.

Dan Diaz said...

Scott: I gotta say the zoomed in image I posted looks totally different on my work monitor. I have to disagree with you on the reflection though. At best it's debatable. (Which is what makes it fun.) I do think there is definatly something there that is not the city reflection. It wouldn't be the first time the eyepiece has been used to display meaningful images.

Stephen: You crazy Step! Actually that's a good idea since in the past Raimi has admitted to consolidating characters. For example MJ in the movies is a combination of MJ and Gwen Stacy.
Harry being Venom is not that far fetched, but where does that leave Topher?