31 May 2005

The SideKick Weekly: 5/25/05

What I read:

What was said:
  • Batgirl #64: Couldn't find anything. If you have a review, posting, anything, let me know.
  • DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1:: Brian Hibbs reminds us that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Don MacPherson agrees remarking how inaccessible this title is for new readership. Great art, though. For the terribly curious, a Donna Troy primer.
  • Green Lantern #1 - Rose Vess & Tom McLean share the mild optimism non-Green Lantern fans have for this debut, while Matt from Howling Curmudgeons makes a case to grin and bear it as this series unfolds.

What's in my head:

Batgirl #64
This was a lot of fun. Good jumping-on point for new readers. I passed this over to my girlfriend and she liked it - or rather she didn't bombard me with questions. She got it and I'm pretty sure if I picked up the next issue she'd read it. The issue continues a battle between Batgirl and the Ravager, daughter of reviled super-assassin Deathstroke. Interesting juxtaposition of the two characters. You knew who would win (book's called Batgirl after all) but you don't root against the Ravager and writer Andersen Gabrych gets the nod for accomplishing that with sparse narration amidst an action-filled issue.

Donna Troy #1
Admittedly Donna Troy has one of the more complicated origins in the DC Universe but that does not excuse the poor introduction. Just makes me shake my head and ask why bother? When this Infinite Crisis stuff goes down she's just going to wind up donating her eyes to Wonder Woman anyway.

In DC's defense, this Wednesday they are selling Who is Donna Troy?, a $17 Trade Paperback that collects the critically acclaimed New Titans #50-55 and other issues. Hmmph.

Green Lantern #1
There's nothing wrong with this book but after Rebirth I was looking for something a little more daring. I suspect it will be collected at the end of the year (Rebirth + 1st storyarc) so I'm not going to wait for this to pick up the pace. Shame, too, because I really enjoy Pacheco's art.

Next, taking a week off the superheroes. Maybe some Vertigo, maybe Indies. We'll see.

Until next time.

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And the Shrew comes through for you on Batgirl!