19 May 2005

Review: Batman Begins' Smallville Preview

WOW should begin and end every sentence when speaking about Batman Begins. Last night, America was treated to a 10-minute preview of the future blockbuster, courtesy of the WB Network. At the end of the preview my first thought was, "WOW!" My second thought was, "Hopefully I won't die before June 15th." It sounds ridiculous, but it's true. That's what I thought.

Then I said another "WOW! "

It looks like Chris Nolan will have another quality movie under his belt with Batman Begins. If you haven't seen his last two films, do so. Memento is great, and Insomnia is solid.

The cinematography made the first impression. The trailers online are nice, but watching the scenes play out on TV really make it stand out. At the theater it will be even more impressive. You have beautiful establishing shots of the ice fields and mansion laid out right before you like paintings. The interior shots set a mood, a feeling, that just seems right for this film.

The preview clearly indicates to me that this is a film about a "superhero", not a "superhero" film. Do yourself a favor and watch Unbreakable if you have any questions about what I'm alluding too. This is not some over-stylized rendition of what Batman should be like, a la Tim Burton. It's Batman in the real world, or as close as you can come to it.

With June 15th quickly approaching the anticipation mounts. Hopefully the bubble will not burst underneath its own weight. Up to this point Batman Begins gets a resounding WOW! Now lets see if the movie can live up to it.

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I loved the overall tone of the preview. Nolan's playing it straight, and he did a nice job of making both the Batsuit - still stiff-looking - and Batmobile make sense in context. The scene with Batman feeding Katie Holmes evidence against Falcone seemed like a nod to his detective roots, suggesting it won't just be a typical superhero smash'emup.

This might be the movie that supplants Unbreakable as my favorite "comic book" movie.