17 May 2005

The Sidekick Weekly: 5/11/05

[Trying something different here. Hope to make this a weekly post. Premise is simple.]

Here are the books I read this week:

Here's the general consensus on them from other blogs, forums, etc.:

  • Astonishing X-Men #10 - Folks love it. Joss & John, keep up the good work.
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth #6 - Fans are doing cartwheels for Hal Jordan's return, but the jury is still out in the court of public opinion on whether or not this reboot will earn the Green Lantern his seat back in the DC Pantheon. No surprises. Dialogue over-explains things at times.
  • Outsiders #23 - No comments found.
  • Wonder Woman #215 - No comments found.

And here's what I have to say that they didn't...sorta:

Astonishing X-Men #10
Heading home Wednesday night I saw a couple kids reading it on the subway. Man, I was so jealous. I could have been reading a newspaper from 20 years into the future and I'd still be trying to sneak a peek.

Nods to Nick Lowe and the edit staff. Mails to Astonish captures that old school "Make Mine Marvel" humor and positive vibe. Really completes the issue.

Green Lantern: Rebirth #6
Anti-climactic. What's up with panel 5 on page 13? The GL symbol replaces Hal's iris? A little over the top, no?

Folks are saying Hal represents the hopeful, traditional superhero. Perhaps DC will make him into their Captain America. You can draw a lot of similarities between the two characters. Wouldn't be such a bad direction to take, plausible without being a swipe.

Outsiders #23
Issue felt like a rip-off. I picked up last month's issue on a whim, seemed like they were going somewhere but neither the characterization or the art could hold my attention. I felt like an outsider.

Wonder Woman #215
Good issue for new readers...except for subplots & the whole Wonder Woman is blind thing. The main storyline - going to Hades to rescue Hermes - should be enough to keep readers curious for next issue. Rags Morales and Michael Bair's rendering of Wonder Woman accentuates her majesty and thighs that could crack skulls like they were walnuts.

That's all now, folks. Have a great week and remember to keep your expectations low for Revenge of the Sith.

Infinite Peace.


Brian Cronin said...

I think there was an Outsiders #23 review over at the Comic Shrew.

I agree with her - weak issue.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Yeah, the Shrew does some good reviewing. And she's now part of the Buzzscope crew!