30 May 2005

Buzzscope Reviews: 5/25/05

Gotham Central: Half A Life TPB
If you're reading more than five comic books a month and Gotham Central isn't one of them, you're wrong.

Captain America #6
Unlike Winnick's similar Jason Todd-driven storyline currently unfolding over in Batman, Brubaker's take on things doesn't feel lazy and contrived, and isn't reliant on any familiarity with Cap's history or continuity.

The Expatriate #2
The four-color equivalent of the handheld camera in the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. Don't wait for the trade on this one, jump aboard now!

The Grimoire #3
A potential sleeper hit...tailor-made for fans of Harry Potter as well as those who simply enjoy a good dose of fantasy injected into their action stories.

New X-Men: Hellions #1 (of 4)
It's not terrible, and it's not great; it simply is what it is. Current fans, particularly of the current New X-Men series, will enjoy it, while it's unlikely to rope in anybody new.

Zorro #1
A relatively solid effort, but its execution all but screams "wait for the trade!"

Be sure to check out all of this week's reviews from Buzzscope's crack staff of reviewers - some of the best out there, if I may say so myself - as well as On The Fly's advance review of Batman Begins. While you're there, sign up and leave some feedback in the forum. It's one of the more level-headed boards out there and while the usual suspects get the most attention, there's plenty of room to talk about good comics, too.


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