10 April 2005

Adopt A Comic: Elk's Run #1 UPDATE

Comics...you can't give the damn things away!

Seriously, though, entries for one of the two FREE copies of Elk's Run #1 (sold out, BTW, for all you collector-types) have been less than overwhelming. And it's not for lack of traffic because the original announcement itself has been viewed more than 100 times, not to mention the couple of hundred views when it was still on the main page.

The fu--?

It's a FREE COMIC BOOK, PEOPLE! And a GOOD one, at that!! Come on, dammit!!!

So, with only five days left in the contest, I've decided to sweeten the pot a little bit. In addition to a FREE copy of Elk's Run #1, I'm adding a FREE copy of Fade From Grace #1 to the offer. Fade... (which I reviewed a while back, here) is another great indie not enough people are reading, making this a FREE 2-for-1 that only the lazy and cynical will pass up.

How can you, motivated and optimistic comic fan that you are, give these TWO excellent comic books a deserving home without spending a dime? Pretty simple, really; you just have to speak up:

1) Leave a comment here* about your local comic book retailer (or, if you're stuck in a direct market No Man's Land, your favorite e-retailer) and what kind of indie selection they offer. If it's great, give 'em props and give us details. If it's lacking, explain why you think that is and what indie publishers might be able to do about it. In either case, include your zip code, which I will check with Diamond Comics Distributors to see what retailers, if any, are in your area. Zip Code is required for valid entry, and must match the shipping address for winning entries.


2) Leave a comment here* about your favorite indie comic book currently being published and why more people should be reading it. Be persuasive, but concise. Save the long-winded reviews for your own site! Due to their prime visibility in the front of Previews, comics published by Image, Dark Horse and DC/Marvel's various imprints are NOT considered indies for the sake of this contest.

The contest will close and TWO winners will be selected at Noon EST, April 15th. Ideally, there will be one winner from each category, but not necessarily. The best two entries, as judged by me, will win. Individuals may submit an entry for both categories, but no more than one for each. Winning comics will be shipped FREE via First Class mail.

NOTE: If you're reading this on the LiveJournal feed, please go to the main site to leave your comment entry.

* Comments left in the original announcement still qualify for the contest. New entries may be submitted by commenting on either announcement, or via email to glecharles at gmail dot com.


Shane Bailey said...

I've actually been looking for Elk's Run #1 to try it out.

Ok here we go. I shop at Borderlands Comics and Games in Jacksonville, FL. I think the zip code is 32211 but I'm not sure. They don't stock a lot of indie or small press books at all. I think they think Dark Horse and Image count as small press. They will order things for customers if the customer asks for it, so what people in Jacksonville need to do is spread the word about the good small press books. I've reached some through my site, but we can reach others. Start a fanzine. Leave comics in waiting rooms. Be creative. Talk about your favorite books while in the stores. Some of the buzz will probably wear off on the retailers if they hear customers mentioning certain books all the time. I know that's worked in the past, especially in getting the store to carry manga. Support your store and most likely they'll support you. It's their job after all.

bottleHeD said...

No overseas shipping, i suppose? :(

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Impress me with your entry and I'll ship overseas. Cheapest method possible, but I'll do it!

Evan said...

I would love that copy of Elk's Run. My local comic shop (Borderlands in Greenville, SC) didn't get any copies.

I would have to say that my favorite indie comic right now has to be Greg Rucka's Queen & Country (and its related mini-series) published by Oni Press. Rucka writes the best espionage/political stories out there, and the rotating artists on each storyarc keep the book looking fresh.