01 March 2005

Uncle Shappy's Quick Takes

What's up True Believers? The moniker is Uncle Shappy and I was supposed to have a comic book review page on my web site, uncleshappy.com, but got lazy. Then Guy started this page and made me think I should at least write a sentence or 2 about what I've read recently. Keeping up with your comics reading is hard work! I buy so much stuff and it just piles up. Here's what I've read recently...

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Regardless of how you felt about the Avengers' recent demise, this mini-series is a fast-paced look at their origins, with very sharp artwork but a shaky footing in the time-line. A lot of the time I'm not sure what decade it's supposed be aside from the costumes the heroes are wearing. It's a great throwback to the old Marvel days, though. All 8 issues are out now and I'm sure a trade will be out in the next few months.

Plastic Man: I was never a huge Kyle Baker fan but I didn't exactly hate his stuff either. I wasn't sure what to make of the announcement that he was doing a on-going Plas series. Boy, I can't think of a better man for the job now! The book is really well written and very funny with a lot of fun inside jokes for old school nerds like me, but also fun for the kiddies! I haven't missed an ish! A few issues have had Scott Morse filling in and this guy really has fun with Plastic Man's morphing abilities. There is a trade that just came out. If you'd like a little fun with your super-heroes I can't reccomend this more highly!

The Pin-Up Work of Dan De Carlo (Fantagraphics TPB): Dan DeCarlo was one of the best Archie artists. He created Sabrina and Josie and the Pussycats. If you read Archie, you know this guy's style. What isn't as well known is that Dan also used to draw racy gag cartoons for men's pin-up mags in the 50's & 60's! So if you were hot for Betty or Veronica, I think you might get a little hot under the collar when you see them (or gals that look a lot like them) in sexy underthings and sometimes less! Hubba-hubba! Oh, you kid! This guy could DRAW!

I have other stuff to tell you about but for now I just wanted to post a few reviews before Guy wrote me another angry e-mail! Zoinks!

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