28 March 2005

Adopt a Comic: Win Elk's Run #1

[NOTE: Updated contest info here.]

Generally speaking, the Comics Blogiverse is relatively united when it comes to showing love for indie comics and harping on the need to support them, with several sites even running contests giving away copies of trade paperbacks of series they want more people to read. I've been sitting on the idea myself, planning to run such a contest for 100 Girls when its TPB becomes available, but realized today that, while a nice gesture, when it comes to indies, "waiting for the trade" can often be a death sentence.

Serendipitously, I received in the mail today my order of two copies of Elk's Run #1 direct from its publisher, Hoarse & Buggy Productions, which is due to arrive in better comic book shops this Wednesday. I read a PDF preview of the issue a couple of weeks back, loved it, did an interview with its creator/writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov, and can now happily confirm that the issue is even better in print. Because I live in New York City, I have access to one of the best shops around in Midtown Comics, where my own copy of Elk's Run #1 will be sitting in my folder when I get there on Wednesday.

Sadly, many of you reading this will not be so lucky.

And so, Comic Book Commentary happily announces its first contest, Adopt a Comic, in which we will be giving away not one, but TWO copies of Elk's Run #1. How can you give this excellent comic book a deserving home without spending a dime? Pretty simple, really, you just have to speak up, in one of two categories:

1) Leave a comment here about your local comic book retailer (or, if you're stuck in a direct market No Man's Land, your favorite e-retailer) and what kind of indie selection they offer. If it's great, give 'em props and give us details. If it's lacking, explain why you think that is and what indie publishers might be able to do about it. In either case, include your zip code, which I will check with Diamond Comics Distributors to see what retailers, if any, are in your area. Zip Code is required for valid entry, and must match the shipping address for winning entries.


2) Leave a comment about your favorite indie comic book currently being published and why more people should be reading it. Be persuasive, but concise. Save the long-winded reviews for your own site! Due to their prime visibility in the front of Previews, comics published by Image, Dark Horse and DC/Marvel's various imprints are NOT considered indies for the sake of this contest.

The contest will close and TWO winners will be selected at Noon EST, April 15th. Ideally, there will be one winner from each category, but not necessarily. The best two entries, as judged by me, will win. Individuals may submit an entry for both categories, but no more than one for each. Winning comics will be shipped FREE via First Class mail.

Please feel free to spread the word about this contest. And be sure to check out Greg Burgas' Scurvy Dogs contest which ends this Thursday.

NOTE: If you're reading this on the LiveJournal feed, please go to the main site to leave your comment entry.

UPDATE: If you're having trouble leaving a comment (Blogger's been buggy the past few days), email me your entry at glecharles at gmail dot com.


Erech said...

Well hell, since nobody is posting. And I can never get tired of saying good things about my LCS (formerly rather). Zanadus in Downtown Seattle (98101 I beleive), in all my travels it's the best shop I have ever been to. I've been shopping there since I was like 13 (gonna be 30 this summer), and Perry the owner has always pushed Indie books right next to the big stuff. In fact, I have never had to special order anything because they almost always have a book I want, no matter how obscure. They keep old indie stuff near the checkout counter, strategically I am sure, so as you wait in line you get a big eyeball of it all, being especially good to local creators - big and small. The best part though, is the fact they have two women GASP! working there who are very friendly, extremely knowledgable, and who quite frankly don't alienate newcomers through the door, like so many "Comic Book Guy" types I have seen at other stores. It really gives the impression that yes, comics are for anyone, and might even be cool. Without a doubt, BEST SHOP EVER. The End.

PS I know I can't win because I'm not currently in Seattle, but I still wanted to give em props.

Ryan Murray said...

Guy, I shop at Midtown also! Do you shop on the east side or the west side? I go to the east side location because it is closer to me.

As for the contest, Midtown has a great indie selection as you know.

I like three titles right now. They are: City Yarns, Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey and Don't Eat the Electric Sheep.

You can get the second two at your LCS. City Yarns is available at www.comixpress.com which is an awesome site for people interested in reading and/or creating indie comics.

They will actually print your comics on demand! Check it out!

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Maybe no one's posting because Blogger's moving slow as hell today? Geez!

Erech: I'd say your entry qualifies under the spirit of the rule. Hell, at this rate, you might win by default!

Ryan: They're pretty equally convenient for me but I mainly shop on the west side, especially now that I finally set up a pull list with them. I've been to the east side several times, though, and actually like it a little better. Brighter, more open floorplan, less non-comics stuff.

Scott said...

My local comic shop is Atomic Comics in Tempe, Az. They have a decent amount of indie comics though they never have enough. They are pretty good about supporting the indie comic scene. They'll order mot anything you like as well. If anyone lives in Az they KNOW about Atomic Comics but if for some reason you don't know about it and do live in AZ, I suggest checking it out.

Just don't hit on the hot chick(s) that work there. Everytime I go there some guy is going googoo for the chick who works there cuz they can't believe they are into comics. Keep your geekness in check, people. ;)

Greg said...


First of all, Scott - you're a big LIAR! Since when is Atomic Comics in Tempe? Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley - sure. But Tempe? I don't think so. No soup for you!

On to the indy title I recommend RIGHT NOW! Man, that's tough. Can I do two? Both are six-issue mini-series, so they're not really ongoing titles, but GrimJack: Killer Instinct and 303 are excellent. If you're more into noir, pulpy-type action, or really dig sci-fi/fantasy, get GrimJack. Ostrander and Truman are at the top of their game. If you're a fan of Ennis and his war stories, get 303 - Jacen Burrows is a great artist, and Ennis throws in all sorts of things about the futility of war, American imperialism and consumerism, the hypocrisy of American immigration policy - heavy stuff for a simple comic! My favorite ... tough call, but I'll go with 303. It's really good.