23 March 2005

The Uncanny O-Man: Top 5 Overrated Comics / Characters

  1. Superman: Woo-hoo. He's super. Woo-hoo. Big freaking deal. The thing about Supes that blows is that there's no internal conflict. There's no hubris, ferchrissakes. Plus, he's an omnipotent white man. Scary. (That he is a response to the Nazi image of the perfect Aryan being is beside the point. Considering Azzarello has him going to a priest for counselling, he doesn't count anymore.)
  2. Spider-man: I don't get the appeal. First of all, A) He is a whiny little b@st!ch. It's entirely his fault that his Uncle Bed died. Why is he a hero? Guilt. Greaaaat! We need more community service superheroes. If his Uncle Ben hadn't gotten shot, Parker would have just gone about his day profiteering off of his powers. Humanity be damned as long as he got his payday. Pig Fugger!
  3. X-Men: If you have to ask...shoot yourself. Seriously. Take a knife and slowly cut through your jugular. I'm not joking here. Open up a bottle of household cleaner and drink all of it. Jump in front of a school bus. I want you out of the gene pool.
  4. Spawn: I heard a story once that McFarlane would draw a bunch of panels, throw them up into the air, and whatever order they landed in would be the order he made the book. Despite the epic-level suspension of disbelief required, I believe it.
  5. Sandman: Now, I'm not saying it's a bad comic, I'm just saying it's overrated. "Doll's House" remains one of my favorite comic storylines. But it sorta peaked there and went downhill. There! I said it. Go ahead and post your nasty comments. You know I'm right. Sandman uses the same formula that Gaiman used on his Miracleman books: take a really boring main character and develop his supporting cast, create (inherit) a mythos around said boring character to make him not so boring (a la Alan Moore), and voila, we, the fans fall for it.


Greg said...

Well, you should define "overrated." I would say overrated if the character was lousy to begin with but somehow became praised to the skies. Superman fits, and I would say Spawn, but the others ... just because Spidey and the X-Men have been in some crappy comics doesn't make them overrated. And is Sandman the character overrated, or the comic book? Morpheus was never the greatest character to begin with. I would put The Punisher on the list. Awful character, yet somehow he became the poster child of comics for a long time.

SMASHER said...

O-Man, you should do two lists: 5 for Comics, 5 for Characters.

There's definitely a difference in criteria between what makes a series over-rated vs. what makes a character.

I would say Hal Jordan is way over-rated but I'm interested to see what Geoff Johns does in the new series.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Based on online uproar, I'd have to throw Hawkeye on the character list. Who knew he had such a rabid fanbase? I never cared for the guy myself.

As for overrated comics, WE3 definitely gets my vote. A beautifully drawn but shallowly written update of The Incredible Journey, it's like PIXAR meets Bruckheimer, heavy on the Bruckheimer, lacking any of the depth the former usually brings to its projects. If it were anyone but Morrison's name attached to it, it would have gone completely unnoticed.

julie said...

Oh no! Curse the people who bought the Sandman books after their original printing and made them overrated by making it popular!

I'm a Sandman fan, but i have to admit, my favorites were always the one-shot stories that didn't really play integral parts to the greater Morpheus story. I'm talking the stories about Calliope the Muse or the living city. I like the broken-but-ongoing storylines about Hob who lived forever and Mars who was always running away from his family. Those stories don't get enough love.

Erech said...

And what are the 5 Underrated Comics/Characters? Make that list!

bottleHeD said...

Hah, i dunno if you were serious, but that sure as heck was funny. Maybe you should make this a regular thing eh, like 5 overrated Artists, Writers, SuperPowers, Villains, Comic Book Events blah blah and so on... would be good for us.

Jason said...

Preacher; it's all shock value without the value. It's a fun, cool book but it isn't the important comic some people make it out to be.

And about Spider-Man, he has motivation to be a hero which isn't what you can say about most heroes. Some people are just "good". Spider-man was always more relatable, more human. If you had super-powers, would you slum around as a costume avenger or would you make bank? I don't know about you but my rims would be platinum.

Omar said...

Man, someone should have told me that I should check these comment things.

Okay, to address some questions not in order. I have no idea if I'm serious or not. Sometimes I am; then, I think about what I'm being serious about. "Am I really getting my knickers in a bunch about people who like X-Men? What's my problem?" And, really, I think someone needs a degree to answer that question.

Um... Maher, you're right, I should have done two lists. But, in my defense, I'm a lazy bastich and Guy is lucky I'm even getting this out every Wednesday like he wants.

Greg... Dude... I didn't realize Punisher rated at all. ::shrugg:: He always just struck me as something for the whimpy fanboys that got beat up on their way to the comic store. Me being a beastmaster, I was always secure in my nerddom. That's why I read comics like Amethyst.

"Oh no! Curse the people who bought the Sandman books after their original printing and made them overrated by making it popular!" Actually, by the time Kindly Ones was being printed, I had long made up my mind that the load had been Doll's House and that we were now laying face down in the wet spot. [Omar's Inner Catholic writes, "Omar, you are going to H - E - double hockey sticks."]

Re: Preacher... Hmmm... yeah... I kinda agree. I loved Ennis's Hellblazer. Loved his Hitman. It made me really wonder how much more creative people get when they have limitations placed upon them.

If I had my choice of superpowers... oooo... I'll save that for another list...

I didn't know Hawkeye rated either.

WE3? What's that? Just did a search. I think Morrison has raised his own bar so high that it's difficult to match himself. Seriously, he had me after Doom Patrol.

bottleHeD, thanks, dude. :) Keep on fluffin'!

chitototoy said...

to respectfully debut Guy LeCharles Gonzalez's take on WE3--

WE3 is a good (even great) comic. The art was exceptional, and as for the story, Well nobody else is coming up with any good sci-fi flicks. So i would suppose THAT factor alone gave the comic "WE3" all the star value it needed.

It's an adorable, depressing, action, sci-fi, comic about animals!! And, you'll still feel sad for them by the end of the comic (especially when pirate the rabbit gets chewed by the massive pitbull.)

Whatever Morrison did to make us feel sympathy for animals is amazing. How he did it, i don't want to know. THats part of his magic. THe entire concept of the comic alone should merit recognition.

--As for the overrated characters. S#!t yeah i couldnt agree more!!! except i'd put SANDMAN on my #1. Whatsup with all the "deep" "symbolic" "poetic" appeal to it anyway.
I'd take out xmen thou. Since they still manage to put out some pretty interesting reads. (astonishing xmen was pretty awesome)
I don't even think SPAWN should even be on the list. He's been dead a long long long time ago. He's more of a "toy" character now. If you get my drift. NOt much comic to go around anymore.