03 December 2006

Creator Directory is Up

Instead of writing any reviews today, I decided to finally get one of the "resource" aspects of the site up and running, focusing on the Creator Directory, which is now available.

It's a somewhat selective list, a mix of well-known and upcoming creators whose work I've enjoyed in the past and who have a legitimate web presence (where the hell is Frank Miller's web site?). One of the more frustrating things, both as a fan and journalist, is trying to track down solid information on certain creators, or information on their non-Big Two projects, so hopefully the directory will become a valuable resource for some people.

More than just a link to their web sites and/or blogs, there are (or will be with more coming, as time goes on) links to suggested reading, interesting interviews and, where available, contact information. Some of the bigger names are missing right now, mainly because most people know where to find them, but I'll get them added in over time.

Check it out and drop me a comment if you notice someone interesting missing that should definitely be up there, or any really good interviews I may have missed.

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