07 December 2006


It's like "MySpace for comics", which is a rather scary thought when you think about it...

Warren Ellis promoted it via Bad Signal about a half hour ago and quite possibly crashed the site, so it may take a few minutes to get in. I got in right before the rush: http://www.comicspace.com/glecharles/

NOTE: In a nice bit of marketing savvy, they've updated their "no_connection.php" page to include the Project Wonderful banner ad so their advertisers still get promotion while the site is inaccessible.

UPDATE: The site seems to be back online now.


Erech said...

More like MEHspace, yeah?

I don't really see the point, myspace is the myspace for comics already, and myspace has got a way better user interface to boot.

Also, I'm being a negative nancy today, so booooo!


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I don't know, Nancy. I'm more likely to log in more frequently to something specifically related to comics than I am to Meat--er, MySpace.

Plus, I'm curious to see if people end up treating it like MySpace or if it is able to maintain its intended focus. Research; yeah, that's the ticket!

Erech said...

If they limited who they let in, it might have a shot, but it seems anyone who has ever read a comic or seen an episode of Smallville can get on teh trains.

And Nancy says eff them.

But do keep us posted. :)