02 December 2005

Moon Knight -- A New Ongoing Series Coming April 2006?

I believe this might be my first "scoop"!

Moon Knight -- A New Ongoing Series Coming April 2006?

Announced with much fanfare at last summer's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel's revival of cult superhero Moon Knight in a limited series subtitled "The Bottom", by novelist Charlie Huston and fan favorite artist David Finch, has been switched to an ongoing series, with the first issue's release pushed back to April 2006. The publisher tipped their hand in this week's Marvel Pulse Newsletter with the release of a new "First Look" Wallpaper featuring Finch's pinup that first appeared in Wizard magazine back in August.

The tagline to the image says: "Moon Knight – A New Ongoing Series Coming April 2006."

Buzzscope checked in with writer Charlie Huston for confirmation of the switch to an ongoing, clarification on the change in release date, and whether or not David Finch was on schedule with the series' artwork.

"Yes, Moon Knight will be an ongoing," Huston confirmed. "The release date has been pushed back so they can promote it as such, not because of any blown deadlines anywhere in the pipeline. Finch is right on top of it and his work is amazing."
More at the link. As a Moon Knight fan, I'm even more excited! :-)

UPDATE: While I may have beaten Newsarama to getting this out, they got the preview pages from Finch as part of their weekly Q&A with Quesada. Don't love his Platt-style artwork, but if the story is half as good as I'm expecting it to be, this will be a rare case of the art not ruining a book for me.

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