01 December 2005

Buzzscope: One Year Later

My latest "Establishing Shots" column is up, a mix of reflections and resolutions. Is it my last one for Buzzscope?

No, I’m not talking about DC’s universe-changing event coming up next March, but rather our own “One Year Later” story here at Buzzscope...

The way I see it, our mission is to focus on the comic books, the people who create them, and the fans who buy them. Putting a spotlight on the good, calling out the bad, and creating a welcoming space to discuss and debate it all. The industry itself needs to figure out how to reach its full potential – though we’ll happily offer suggestions from time to time! – and when it does, we’ll be here to welcome that new audience with the best comics-related content and the best online community around.
I also reveal my Top 10 for 2005 list, which won't be a surprise for regular readers of this blog - all 10 of you! - pimp our new Book of the Month Club, and give a shoutout to my new favorite blogger: Mark Fossen.

Check it out, leave comments, tell your friends!

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