02 December 2005

Buzzscope: Read This Way #0

Introducing Buzzscope's latest addition to the Bullpen: Tania Del Rio!


Welcome to my new column! Now, since it’s my first one, I’m expected to give a bit of an introduction to who I am, and I how I became the writer and artist for Archie Comics’ Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But regular autobiographies can be dull and tedious, so instead, I’ll tell my tale in the form of a shoujo manga story:

Meet Tania. She is the bespectacled, gawky heroine who has a wealth of dreams and yet doesn’t know how she’ll ever achieve them. She thinks that because she is shy and awkward, she’ll never get with the coolest guy in class. You know the one. He’s the rogue, bishonen bad-boy; the one that your parents warned you to stay away from; the one that rots your brain.

That’s right…Comics! Tania doesn’t think she stands a chance – especially considering the rumors. You know, the ones about Comics not liking girls; that he’s strictly a boys’ boy...
Things are really heating up over there now! Click on over and check her out, and leave a welcome in the talkbacks.

I'm loving this!