29 November 2005

Buzzscope Reviews: 11/23/05

More changes afoot:

...we decided this would be the perfect week to sneak in another new feature; or in this case, a revamped one. As “writing” and “waiting for the trade” have become the standard for most comic books and comic book buyers these days, we’re adjusting our package…I mean, our weekly review roundup, accordingly, paying more attention to TPBs and OGNs and a bit less to the “#3 (of 6)” issues that, too frequently, are little more than padding for a story that could/should have been told in half as many issues.
Translation: capsule reviews of more floppies, with fuller reviews on notable TPBs and OGNs. (Further translation: CBC Quickees will now be even more sporadic than before!)

This week, I cover in brief: JOVA’S HARVEST #1 (A), THE PERHAPANAUTS #1 (B+), X-FACTOR VISIONARIES: PETER DAVID, VOL. 1 TPB (B), and YOUNG AVENGERS #9 (B+). Some other good ones in the mix, too.

Also, be sure to check out Rich Watson's latest "What's A Nubian" column, my absolute favorite addition to the site so far; and a bunch of other great content that I'm still catching up on reading myself! And be sure to check in on Friday for our latest columnist to join the Buzzscope Bullpen. :-)


Erech said...

That Stroman X-factor arc kicks ass huh? I wish he would do some comics again damnit.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

I keep eyeing the Alien Legion TPBs every time I have a relatively light week because I'm too lazy to dig out my floppies and reread them. I'm cheap, too, though, so it's always a Mexican Standoff!

You should pick up Jova's Harvest. I'm curious what you think about it.

Erech said...

I will try and check it out. I saw some preview pages for it last month, it wasn't seemingly my cup of tea from what I saw - but since I've been put on the spot here...