04 November 2005

Buzzscope: Down With the King?

My latest Establishing Shots column is up, a look at what Stephen King's DARK TOWER project with Marvel means for indie creators.

This isn’t Joss Whedon taking on the X-Men or promoting his movie; and it’s not Brad Meltzer taking on some of the most recognizable icons in American pop culture. This is Stephen King offering original material in a sequential format, in a genre that is, to put it charitably, under everybody's radar when it comes to comic books.
Funny thing about a monthly column that's equal parts commentary and site hype, is the commentary aspect rarely ends up being about what you thought it would be a couple of weeks prior. And even after you've settled on a topic, you often end up going in a completely different direction than you'd intended. As a result, I went crazy yesterday tracking down a copy of Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf, his novella that featured complementary artwork from Bernie Wrightson, and ended up not referring to it even once in article! I did ask Jon to use an image from it, though, so the subtle, if somewhat random, reference is there.

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